Leadership Team

Mary Terry

The president presides at all meetings of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The president appoints all committees unless otherwise directed by the Bylaws or the Board of Directors and serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of all Association committees except the Nominating and REALTOR® of the Year Committees.

Kacy Bell

The president-elect assists the president and assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president in the event of the president's death, resignation, absence or disability.

Chuck Harris
Oklahoma City

The treasurer serves as chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee and renders reports of the financial condition of the Association to the Board of Directors.

Pete Galbraith

The secretary serves as corporate secretary of the Association and assists the treasurer.

OAR Districts

The state is divided by the Directors into six districts with a District Vice President (DVP) elected from each area; District 6 represents commercial brokers actively engaged in commercial real estate. Each DVP serves for two years as a liaison between their district members and OAR, promoting the development and progress of the Member Boards in their respective districts and attending and promoting attendance at OAR educational functions, meetings and conferences.

District 1 Vice President

 Tom Andrew

District 2 Vice President

 Arvella Wall

District 3 Vice President

 Jerry Boston

District 4 Vice President

 Angie Tyler

District 5 Vice President

 Steve Mann

District 6 Vice President

 Anderle Khaled