OAR Listservs

OAR and the InternetCrusade® proudly bring you member forums where you can share ideas, discuss issues and events confronting you and your peers. You can also receive important notices regarding meeting dates, agendas and other announcements. They’re called Mail Lists or “Listservs.”

Think of them as online conferences or town meetings – a place of community. You have the opportunity to network and learn from other while improving your skills using e-mail, the communication vehicle of this century!

As each person’s message is posted to a listserv, it is sent to everyone else on the List. Some messages will generate a “thread” of discussion on the same theme. Other messages will start discussions on different topics.


OAR-AETalk  A community for local
association executive staff 
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An area for members of OAR’s
Executive Committee
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OAR-MeetingTalk An online meeting place for members of the
Association Meetings Committee
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GRI-OKTalk A networking opportunity for Oklahoma’s
REALTOR® Institute students and graduates. 
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LeadershipOARTalk A listserv for current LeadershipOAR students Subscribe | Send Message to Moderator 
LeadershipOARAlumni A community for alumni of the
LeadershipOAR program
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